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Equipment Finance


Why customers finance equipment?

Equipment is a depreciating asset that is more efficient when purchased with a finance option.

Spread your costs
A low monthly investment provide you with a bite-size chunk to acquiring and paying for important equipment

100% financing available
While not everyone will qualify for 100% funding, it is very common and makes acquiring equipment easy. This can include soft costs such as installation, delivery, warranties and software…

Equipment Finance

Avoid old, outdated equipment
Equipment finance makes it easy to upgrade your equipment in line with its life cycle. Old equipment is bad for morale, productivity and can cost in repairs. Be sure your team is on the cutting edge with new equipment when it’s needed.

Multiple Vendors
You can easily buy several pieces of equipment from one vendor or from multiple vendors, on one convenient lease. This is easy, let us help!

Tax Advantages
These advantages could mean you pay less overtime than if you paid cash upfront. This is dependent on your credit and can be confirmed by your accountant or tax advisor.

Section 179 allows for 100% write off of certain assets up to $1mm.

This can mean an indicative benefit of between 15 – 30% of the total cost over time, depending on how this is managed by your team.

See how much money you could be saving with our Section 179 calculator

Build a business you are proud of…

Application only
($5,000 – $100,000)
Application plus
($100,000 – $400,000)
Full Finance Package
$150,000 – $2mm
Asset based loans
$300,000 – $10mm
Fair Market Value Leases
Difficulty getting approved
10,000 – $100,000
Difficulty getting approved
300,000 – $10mm

More information
Term lengths can range from 12 – 84 months

$10,000 – $10mm

A rates – 3.5% – 7%
B rates – 6% – 9%
C Rates – 8 – 14%
Challenged credits – Depending on offer.

We can help with flexible custom offerings to meet your specific needs.

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