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Business Credit Card

Business lines of credit have a ton of flexibility, draw down only what you need and only pay interest on what the business uses while leaving reserve for future business needs. As you repay the funds that have been drawn down, credit again becomes available for use as needed. It is a great facility for managing cash flow, purchasing inventory, and staying prepared for any surprise expenses that could pop up for the business. Typically secured on business credit adn without additional assets as security, you can usually qualify for a business line of credit with a wide range of credit score. 

To qualify you need – 

6 or more months in business
590+ credit score
$10,000+ inconsistent monthly revenues.

To get started – 

  • Completed application
  • At least 4 months though 6 months of full recent bank statements preferred
  • Credit card processing statements if applicable
  • Tax returns or internal financials may be required for a full approval

If you qualify, we can have an approval in 24 – 48 hours, with full funds available in your account within a day of full approval. 

  • Credit lines from $6K to $250K
  • Rates as low as 4.8%
  • Pay interest only on drawn funds

Decision as fast as 24 hours and funds as soon as the next day

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